August 2, 2006



How did Althouse get that shot? Like many a candyass Yellowstone tourist, this way:


I put some thought into whether it’s okay to write “candyass” on Instapundit, but I was stumped for synonym. I don’t like “lame” in this context, because it makes me think of the disabled persons who might need to tour by car. So I tried a Bartleby search for “candyass” and got exactly one hit, and it’s not from the thesaurus. It’s a quote… from Nixon — “What does that candyass think I sent him over there for?” — miffed that the Secretary of the Treasury George P. Schultz wouldn’t authorize tax audits for his critics. Wow. That amuses/disturbs me so much I’m going to read it as authorization to write “candyass” on Instapundit. You know, that bison reminds me of Abraham Lincoln. Look at the profile. And doesn’t he seem rather depressed? He was trudging along the side of the road, as if he’d been given the job of making it really easy for the tourists to get a good look at a big animal and he’d been doing it for years and years.

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