ISLAMIC BLOGGERS Ali Eteraz posts a letter from an American in Ramallah. And Aziz Poonwalla mourns that “Hizbollah has won. Again.

Update Why would I post a link to that letter from Ramallah? demand correspondants. Well, because the “warbloggers” tend to get a lot more information from people on the ground in Israel than those on the ground in Ramallah or Beirut. One of the unfortunate aspects of the Israel/Palestinian conflict is that the information blogs are best at generating–informal, personal descriptions and analysis of events–are only available from people who are pretty heavily biased on one side or the other of the conflict. Palestinian activists don’t vacation in Haifa, and people with strongly pro-Israel views are rarely found in Ramallah, at least without tanks and air support. Thus, the only way to get eyewitness accounts is to take them from people with a huge axe to grind.