UNEXPECTEDLY: House Democrats ditch “Bidenomics” messaging.

House Democrats have rejected the White House’s months-long campaign to sell the term “Bidenomics.”

Why it matters: Democrats are going into the 2024 election divided on how to communicate about the economy at a time when most voters are dissatisfied with it.

What’s happening: House Democratic leadership stopped pushing the term months ago.

  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Majority PAC, two key fundraising arms, are also avoiding it on social media and press releases, as polling indicates the tagline is ineffective.
  • In a meeting this past summer to discuss economic messaging strategy, House Democrats decided to stick with “People Over Politics” rather than “Bidenomics,” one senior Democratic leadership aide told Axios.

Zoom in: The “Bidenomics” catchphrase seemed to present a host of issues, according to Democratic sources.

  • The term was seen as tone-deaf to voters still struggling economically and also invoked a president with lackluster polling numbers.

  • One Democratic strategist said the biggest problem wasn’t using “Biden,” but that the term was too philosophical and required too much explanation.

  • Democrats across the board intend to keep many of the policies behind the “Bidenomics” tagline front and center heading into 2024.

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