AMAZON’S GRAND TOUR SET TO CONCLUDE: The Grand Tour Not Moving Forward at Amazon Prime Video With Hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Amazon Prime Video’s automotive series “The Grand Tour” is not moving forward at the streamer — at least with its current hosts, former “Top Gear” trio Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Sources tell Variety that Clarkson, May and Hammond have just returned from filming the show’s final special in Zimbabwe, which will launch at a later date next year and conclude the fifth season. A special set in Mauritania will launch before that, in February. Though options to continue the series with different hosts are being explored, it has not yet been greenlit. The “Grand Tour” news follows the announcement earlier this week that Clarkson’s other show on Amazon Prime Video, “Clarkson’s Farm,” is getting a fourth season.

Clarkson said in a statement to The Times on Thursday, “We’re done. I have reviewed cars on TV since 1989. That’s 34 years. And after next year, I won’t be doing that any more.”

The presenter further confirmed the news in a post on his Instagram, writing: “Been a busy day. No more ‘Grand Tour’ after next year but a LOT more ‘Clarkson’s Farm.’”

A Grand Tour with younger hosts is being teased:

The trio have just returned from filming in Zimbabwe, which will be their last outing with the series. The next Grand Tour special is set in Mauritania and will launch in February 2024.

The Independent understands that the hit series will not necessarily end with the current hosts’ departure and that other options, including new presenters, are being explored.

Given the multiple stillbirths of Top Gear America and the post Clarkson, Hammond and May Top Gear era on the BBC, I’m not sure if “The Grand Tour: The Next Generation” will work. The original hosts and their chemistry together are what makes the show work, not whatever cars they’re testing or tooling around in that week.