METAPHOR ALERT: National Christmas Tree does best Biden impression by falling over ahead of president’s lighting ceremony, may not be salvageable.

In a 2010 article headlined, “Obama’s Hell of a Ride,” John Podhoretz wrote:

Something weird happens when presidencies go wrong — presidents become incompetent at doing the things they were always able to do in their sleep, and their aides follow suit. I noted this when I wrote my first book, Hell of a Ride, about the decline and fall of the first President Bush, back in 1993. When Bush spoke, it rained, and his advancemen weren’t quick-thinking enough to move his events indoors. When he went to Japan on a state visit, he vomited. He was so intent on getting out his message of the day that he referred to it as “Message: I Care.”

For the past four years though (including his elegiac basement campaign), Biden’s variation on the above quote would be, “Message: Trunalimunumaprzure, Fat!”