GO WOKE, START GOING BROKE, DIG IN: The Disney 10k Annual Report Reveals Disney May Be VERY Worried About Their Place in the Culture War.

I’m a “big picture” kinda guy, not a number cruncher in detail, and there’s nothing wrong with experts doing that number-crunching and we are blessed on this channel to have real experts like Valliant Renegade and Jonas J. Campbell and Mexican Ironman Mike to do that for us.


Disney released their “Form 10k” as obligated to the Securities and Exchange Commission as a public corporation must do, and this, the “10k” is the annual report on all things financial about the business past, present, and potentially future. I’ve read these before on companies in and out of the “Industry” and I read this one and putting aside the detailed calculations, some things stood out to me. Here we go:

There is in such things a statement of the various “Risk factors” the company may encounter, all in the obligatory legal way to avoid people later saying “You never warned us about this!!” and most of these are pretty obvious and boilerplate. But here’s some of the Disney language—and warning, it is dense but there’s a point in showing it all to you so we can dig in and find the, well, crazy bits.

Read the whole thing.