OLD AND BUSTED: Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through “The Secret Life of Plants.”

The New Hotness? Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Life of Vegetables: The WH Briefing When April Ryan Tried to Get a Meeting Between Biden and Stevie Wonder.

TheGrio’s April Ryan to KJP: “I had an in-depth conversation w/Stevie Wonder last night who is —[REPORTERS LAUGH]–AGAIN, IT’S A SERIOUS QUESTION — I had an in-depth conversation w/Stevie Wonder last night, who is…requesting a meeting w/the President. He’s very concerned about the black agenda falling along the wayside and issues like laws of 50 years ago that are now being abolished or gutted, to include issues like the Voting Rights Act, what happened in Arkansas last wk, affirmative action — Supreme Court — as we’ve seen it, ban on books, and he’s also even brought up issues of the Congo and the lack of information from the WH. Is the WH amenable to sitting down with Stevie Wonder who has met with presidents, um throughout history to include Ronald Reagan? He was one of the major impetuses for getting the holiday for Dr Martin Luther King Jr and also he was one of those who worked with President Obama in his efforts to become President. Is this President amenable to meeting with Stevie Wonder who has these concerns?”

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Even April Ryan’s colleagues don’t take her seriously anymore. Shouldn’t someone demand a picture of her and Wonder together during their “in-depth discussion?” If it’s good for a pie, it should be good for a music legend, too. Ryan is supposed to be a reporter, not a personal assistant.

Well, she’s been failing as a reporter for years;  perhaps she’ll have better luck as Wonder’s PA.