THE TOWERING TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Joe Biden’s birthday conflagration.

On Monday evening, President Joe Biden’s X account posted a photo of the president sitting before a birthday cake with what appeared to be a million candles on it. Well, not a million candles, but 81, in honor of Biden’s 81st birthday. Having so many flaming candles gave the impression of one large fire atop the cake, with flames licking toward the ceiling. As birthday cakes go, it was an inferno, a firestorm, a conflagration. The fire appeared big enough to set off smoke detectors and send Secret Service agents scrambling to ensure the president’s safety. It was, in all, an amazing picture.

Could there be any more effective statement that the president is very, very old? The photo was such a powerful expression of Biden’s age that outsiders immediately wondered how in the world the White House came to release it. After all, polls show majorities of voters, Democrats and Republicans, believe the president is too old to serve a second term, even as Biden gears up his reelection bid. Nevertheless, the White House posted the picture. Who knows? Maybe David Axelrod or the Republican National Committee got temporary control of the Biden X account. In any event, the phrase “campaign malpractice” does not even begin to describe what the White House did.

Joe’s death grip on the table isn’t helping his case: