CENSORSHIP: We Knew It All Along.

There’s a new poll from Issues & Insights and TIPP Insights that provides us with some fascinating information about Americans’ attitudes toward government and Big Tech censorship. The poll of 1,400 adults shows that 43% of Americans disapprove of censorship (26% “strongly” and 17% “somewhat”), while 36% approve of censorship (evenly divided between “strongly” and “somewhat”).

Those results are awfully close, but when you dig deeper, you’ll see some interesting trends. I&I’s Terry Jones writes that “the relative closeness of the response is deceptive. When broken down by demographics and political affiliation, surprisingly sharp differences between and within different groups emerge.”

That’s putting it mildly. Democrats overwhelmingly approve of government and Big Tech gatekeepers reining in unapproved opinions. A whopping 57% of Democrats surveyed are down with censorship, with 35% strongly approving. Only 25% of Democrats disapprove.

Read the whole thing.