THE COPE IS STRONG: 5 ways Democrats are coping with Biden’s terrible polls.

The Washington Post reported that during a September political panel in Aspen, Colorado, an attendee raised concerns about Biden’s viability as the Democratic nominee, and asked: What’s the backup plan?

According to the Post, former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain had a quick rebuttal: “The president is the party’s nominee, Klain said, and a strong nominee at that. There is no backup plan.”

There is certainly no backup plan that would be as orderly as renominating Biden. But there’s an entire fleet of Democratic up-and-comers biding their time and laying the groundwork for future White House bids — whether it’s by hosting a debate in the first-in-the-nation primary state, or holding a surprise meeting with President Xi Jinping in China.

And there are a few members of the Biden administration whom the president has cast as the party’s political future, including his vice president.

However, pitching Biden as the only option plays into Democrats’ fear of the unknown, particularly when up against Trump.

“He isn’t Trump” might not be quite the selling point it was in 2020, considering what’s happened to the economy and the world since Biden took over.