AYN RAND DIDN’T WRITE THE RETURN OF THE PRIMITIVE AS A HOW-TO GUIDE: White House Denounces ‘Repugnant’ Osama bin Laden TikTok Trend.

The trend, which emerged on the Chinese short-form video app TikTok in recent days, is driven largely by anti-Israel users who have praised bin Laden’s letter for the accuracy of its antisemitic diagnosis of America’s problems.

“There is never a justification for spreading the repugnant, evil, and antisemitic lies that the leader of al Qaeda issued just after committing the worst terrorist attack in American history – highlighting them as his direct motivation for murdering 2,977 innocent Americans,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in a Thursday statement. “And no one should ever insult the 2,977 American families still mourning loved ones by associating themselves with vile words of Osama bin Laden.”

“Particularly now, at a time of rising antisemitic violence in the world, and just after Hamas terrorists carried out the worst slaughter of the Jewish people since the Holocaust in the name of the same conspiracy theories,” Bates continued. “Like President Biden said this year in remembrance of the Americans who lost their lives because of Osama bin Laden, ‘it’s more important now than ever that we come together’ against a rising tide of hatred and extremism.”

Why on earth are young impressionable leftists discovering Osama bin Laden on TikTok? They should be supporting the mullahs of Iran and Hamas like normal college-educated Democrats!

Or perhaps the Unabomber. As this 2021 article notes, TikTok users discovering murderous primitives for the first time isn’t all that new a development: Influencer Society and Its Future. Swallow the Ted pill on Unabomber stan TikTok.

(I’d mention, “Wait until the TikTokers start thinking how totally cool and dreamy Charles Manson was,” but according to his biographer, Jann Wenner was already there for a time in 1970, as were the Weather Underground.)

In any case, there’s no excuse left for anyone to say, “I don’t know how millions supported the Nazis before and during WWII,” when we can see in real-time today, how millions began praising Hamas, OBL, and other murderous ideologies.

Related: The husk that is Wired magazine in 2023 declares: The Bin Laden Letter Is Being Weaponized by the Far-Right.

I’m not sure if “weaponized” is the right term to describe punching back against the ideas of a man whose sycophants blew up a US Navy destroyer and crashed three airliners into buildings on 9/11. But in any case, I’m so old, I can remember when Wired was a fairly sensible, libertarian-themed techno-publication, and was as far from being pro-Luddite (and pro-terrorist) as imaginable.

Finally, this is satire — for now: