The best way to ensure security for Jews is to dissolve the country where they can define themselves and defend themselves, and disperse them among other populations in other countries where they have no history.

Relocating Palestinians to Jordan, of course, is off the table.

Okay, file that one away. Next:

The United States, we can infer, does not have a right to exist.

So the Jews should be moved to the United States, but don’t unpack, because we’re moving everyone in United States out of United States. The good news is it will be okay to be a colonizer for a week or two until we sort out the paperwork and figure where you’re going.

It’s not just the wisdom of these bright lights that inspires, it’s the way it’s matched with such can-do practicality.

Exit quote: “As their new hero once said: Segregation now! Segregation forever!”

To be fair, that’s been the prevalent viewpoint on “Progressive” colleges for at least the past two decades, despite Michael Graham writing Redneck Nation as a warning, not a how-to guide for postmodern campus lifestyles.