JIM TREACHER: Props to Fetterman for Standing with Israel. The worst person you know just made a great point:

If I’m gonna criticize a politician when he’s wrong, it would be rank partisanship not to praise him when he’s right. And on the subject of Israel, John Fetterman is 100% right.

At a time when many Dems are parroting Hamas propaganda — including the NYT and WaPo — Fetterman is standing by Israel. He understands that the only genocide in that country was the one committed on October 7.

Last week he drove pro-Hamas protesters even crazier by waving an Israeli flag:

And anybody walking by his Senate office knows where he stands:

And at the entirely peaceful March for Israel rally in DC yesterday, Fetterman literally wrapped himself in the Israeli flag:

This the only right and moral stance, with the added benefit of making his fellow progressives furious. Gotta give him props for that.

How many Dems are kicking themselves today for putting themselves on the line to lie for this guy? LOL!

Exit quote: “There will be another reason to bash him tomorrow. But today, I salute him. Good work, Senator Fetterman. #StandWithIsrael”