ROGER KIMBALL: Jamaal Bowman and the Wisdom of Orwell.

What’s the most famous line in George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”?

One good candidate comes when the animals wake up one day to discover that the uplifting, egalitarian motto that had been painted on the side of the barn for all to see—“All Animals Are Equal”—had acquired a codicil.

“All Animals are Equal,” it now read, “But Some Are More Equal Than Others.”

It’s a proclamation for our time.

Don’t be surprised if Attorney General Merrick Garland decides to substitute it for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) current motto “QUI PRO DOMINA JUSTITIA SEQUITUR”: “Who prosecutes for Lady Justice.”

Actually, Mr. Garland keeps telling us that “no one is above the law” and “everyone, Democrat as well as Republican,” is treated the same.

That’s what he says.

However, he does the opposite, as anyone who compares the way that (for example) the Bidens are treated and the way Donald Trump and his supporters are treated.

It’s a two-tier, banana-republic system over which Mr. Garland presides, with some animals obviously, flagrantly being more equal than others.

The latest, mildly comical example of this dispensation was vouchsafed to us by Rep. Jamaal Bowman, “D” with a capital “D” from New York.

The gambit that Orwell described has come in handy for Mr. Bowman.

When Mr. Bowman was a school principal, he warned students that if they disrupted the school’s business by frivolously calling 911, pulling a fire alarm when there was no fire, and so on, they would face suspension or expulsion.

Now that he’s an elected representative of the U.S. Congress, however, he sees how useful such disruptions can be.

Stephen Miller adds: It Would Appear Some People Are Above The Law:

In this country, no one is above the law” has become a rallying mantra of both our national media and increasing, the Democratic Party (but is there a difference, really?). Attorney General Merrick Garland used this phrase on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, as did President Joe Biden during a friendly kid glove chat with ProPublica reporter John Harwood.

As justification for pursuing more than ninety indictments on several fronts against former president Donald Trump, on everything from electioneering to housing classified documents, the left has pounded the tables on the rule of law being the most important foundational principal to the survival of the Republic itself. And it has been solemnly reported that way by several cable news infotainment, including Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow.

Well now they get to put this claim to the test. This past weekend, as members of Congress were staying to vote on a continuing resolution to avert a possible government shutdown, Representative Jamaal Bowman, from New York, was captured on video camera in the federal Cannon Building appearing to pull a red and clearly-labeled fire alarm. Bowman’s excuse, per his office, was that he was in a hurry and the notion of a push-bar exit door confused and disoriented him at the time.

Meanwhile, Bowman keeps digging: In Jamaal Bowman’s continuing tale of unfortunate events, he ‘accidentally’ calls Republicans ‘Nazis:’

Which seems odd, because today isn’t the first time that he’s called a Republican a Nazi:

And finally, America’s Newspaper of Record “reports:” Rep. Bowman Pulls Fire Alarm Again While Trying To Flush Urinal.