¡NO PASARÁN!: The Important Russell Brand Detail that “Innocent Until Proven Guilty“ People Are Missing.

As Utah’s Jim Ballard joins the conservatives accused by — anonymous — women of sexual harassment, an important detail with regards to Russell (@rustyrockets) Brand that at least some “innocent until proven guilty“ people seem to be missing:

The extreme sexualization that we have gone through since the Left came to power in the 1960s along with — this is much rarely mentioned — the Left’s concurrent weaponization of its (unarguably pleasurable) consequences.

Society has become highly sexualized, including in high school, and now, even at a younger age (drag queen shows, anyone?), and then we wonder that women and men alike, not to mention boys and girls alike (as mentioned, below the age of 16), start engaging in this pursuit of pleasure.

Then, the height of hypocrisy: The left’s Drama Queens for whom it used to be a melodrama that sex wasn’t open and free, now start using the loosening of morals as another melodrama, although of course only or mainly against conservatives.

In the Left’s worldview, Deserving Dreamers (male or female) constantly need to be defended against or join the fight against Despicable Deplorables.

Thus, #metoo was basically a weapon against Donald Trump — even though the #left knew it would invariably have to sacrifice some foot soldiers (a movie producer, a senator, etc) in the process. Later, it was Judge Kavanaugh…

Insofar as none of these females filed any accusations within a year — or even within 10 years — of the occurrences, I consider Russell Brand nothing but innocent.

Silicon Valley disagrees, alas: YouTube Demonetizes Russell Brand Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct From Decade Ago.