I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP:  I am reviewing the Freedom of Information Act response I recently received from Michigan State University College of Law.  One of the documents briefly describes the ways an assistant dean modified MSU’s marketing materials in order to show the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  In an apparent effort to be “mindful of potential triggers for survivors of sexual assault,” the deanlet removed the MSU helmet from at least some of those materials.  Unless, I am mistaken, that means this was removed:

michigan-state-logo.png (1750×1400)

It’s MSU’s Spartan helmet logo.  Is anyone seriously triggered by MSU’s Spartan helmet?  If they are, maybe MSU is not the school for them. Moreover, regardless of the reason for one’s anxiety, is it a good idea to go to law school if one is so easily triggered?  Lawyers are supposed to be champions for their clients.  That’s what lawyers do.  Is it fair to wish a lawyer who gets triggered by a university logo on a client who is in trouble and needs help?