STACY MCCAIN: A New ‘Broken Windows’ Discovery? Violence Linked to COVID Relief Fraud.

Maryland’s U.S. attorney found a big connection between violent crime and COVID-19 pandemic fraud.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Erek Barron told the 11 News I-Team that his office found that 60% of violent criminals are also committing some type of COVID-19 fraud, and because of that, his office investigates every single violent crime target to see whether they’ve committed pandemic fraud.

Barron told the I-Team that the 20% reduction in homicides and the 10% reduction in nonfatal shootings in Baltimore City can both be explained by his office prosecuting COVID-19 fraud.

Barron said that if his office can’t lock up violent offenders for those crimes, there’s a good chance his office can prosecute them for pandemic fraud.

Barron said the bottom line is to get violent criminals off the streets by any legal means necessary.

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