THIS IS CNN: CNN Gets a Shock When They Venture out of Their Bubble and Talk to the American People.

CNN doesn’t seem to understand what the American people think.

They showed that again during a segment featuring John King talking with Americans in Iowa. The description from King shows just how clueless CNN is about the American people and what the support for former President Donald Trump is about.

King acknowledges the people don’t like CNN and that there’s “reverence for Ronald Reagan.” But then he paints them all as though they believe what they believe because they are somehow caught in the thrall of Trump.

“Reagan’s optimism, replaced by Trump’s grievances.” One guy says we have to find a way to take care of ourselves. King’s reaction? “Reagan’s disdain of big government replaced by Trump’s distrust of just about everything.” How dare they think that the prosecutions of Trump are politically motivated just because they’ve seen how everything has rolled out since the Russia collusion hoax? For shame, you silly cultists! The capper that shows how delusional these folks are? Not one hand goes up when he asks if they “support Ukraine in the fight against Putin.”

* * * * * * * *

Listening to Republican voters who are skeptical of support for Ukraine is “like watching the open of an old Tucker Carlson show,” King said.

He said some on the left want to call them “deplorable” — but “there are millions of them!”

“They’re good people…They go to Church! But they believe things that would break our fact-check machine,” King despaired. “And they don’t trust us! They think we’re part of the problem!” Bingo.

Yes, why on earth would people distrust CNN?