RIDICULE IS MAN’S MOST POTENT WEAPON: Mad Lads Hijack ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protest, Take Their Banner on Stag Party Trip to Ibiza.

And so, when brave men disrupt the JSO zombies for a change, those people must rightly be recognized as the heroes they are.

Meet Charlie Pearce, a 33-year-old builder and landscaper from Surrey, England, who is getting married in September. Ahead of the big day, he and 13 bros planned a stag party on the Spanish Island of Ibiza. They set out on Friday, dressed for adventure and towing their wheelie suitcases behind them as they walked to London’s Waterloo Station. Suddenly, they came face to face with an obnoxious JSO protest. The climate freaks were engaging in a “slow march” — an un-permitted pop-up protest designed to block traffic and infuriate as many people as possible.

Already in high spirits and dressed head-to-toe in pink and a tutu, Pearce joined right in. He stepped into the front rank of protestors, marching along behind their banner. “We love you oil, we do!” chanted Pearce, pumping a fist as his buddies joined in. The JSO marchers remained silent and plodded forward like good little brain-dead automatons. Then the groom-to-be grabbed the banner in both hands and ran off with it.

I question the dress code, but otherwise, this is the way: