BIDEN VOTERS POSTING THEIR L’S ONLINE: Los Angeles Times to cut 74 newsroom positions amid advertising declines.

The Los Angeles Times is cutting its newsroom staff, becoming the latest news organization to contract amid economic pressures brought on by advertising and print readership declines.

The Times is eliminating 74 positions in the newsroom, representing about 13% of the total.

Full-time and temporary workers will be let go, including a handful of managers. Reporting positions are expected to be largely spared but the production staff will be scaled back. Nearly a third of the cuts come from news and copy editor ranks. Some photographers, audience engagement editors and audio producers will also be affected.

Times Executive Editor Kevin Merida announced the layoffs Wednesday in a note to the newsroom, saying the decision was “made more urgent by the economic climate and the unique challenges of our industry.”

“Decisions that result in talented staffers losing their jobs are agonizing,” Merida wrote. “We will be saying goodbye to some tremendous colleagues.”

On the upside, when Joe’s former(?) boss was in the White House, the L.A. Times assured its readers: For the ‘funemployed,’ unemployment is welcome.