GREAT MOMENTS IN OUTREACH: Biden’s State Department Launches Multimillion Dollar Push To Fight Climate Change, Teach Gender Studies in Iraq.

The Biden administration is prepared to shell out up to $12 million to teach Iraqis how to fight climate change and appreciate “gender diversity,” an effort it says will help strengthen democracy in the Middle Eastern nation.

President Joe Biden’s State Department on May 15 posted a grant solicitation offering three universities in Iraq up to $4 million each to develop programs to help fight climate change and advance gender equity. Recipients must develop “fields of study, course offerings, and/or majors” centered on “gender issues” and “the adaptation to and mitigation of the impacts of climate change,” the grant offering shows. Additionally, the State Department wants Iraqi universities to develop recruitment programs for students who will work toward advancing “greenhouse gas reduction” and “other areas of study related to climate change.”

Programs approved for funding must also have “progressive curricula” and “strengthen the diversity of the student body of American-style Iraqi institutions of higher education.”

Will the works of Marcel Duchamp also be studied in Iraq?