THE TRUTH HURTS: ‘CNN Staffers Are Shocked’: Brutal Magazine Exposé Leaves Employees Angry and Frustrated.

Employees of CNN have expressed frustration and anger following a brutal exposé published in The Atlantic focused on newly-appointed CEO Chris Licht.

Brian Stelter, a former chief media correspondent who spent nearly a decade with CNN before leaving last August, publicized the sentiments of several employees admitting they were completely blindsided by the piece, written by Tim Alberta.

“I woke up to messages like this from CNNers: ‘He [Licht] made a bunch of these comments to Alberta without any apparent regard for how hurtful they’d be…’ ‘Even if he thinks these things…if he’s so concerned with the CNN brand, what is the point of saying any of this stuff publicly?’ Stelter tweeted on Saturday.

“The consensus, among people who knew @TimAlberta’s piece was coming, is that it’s much ‘worse’ than they expected. Licht confided in Alberta the way a client confides in a therapist. Some CNN staffers are shocked,” Steler wrote.

I read the piece over the weekend, and the only thing new were details filling in the gaps in what everyone already knew. The real story is that even The Atlantic seems to have given up on CNN.