WHAT ABOUT YOUR GAAAAFFFFFESSSSS????!!!! Ron DeSantis isn’t blind to the media’s game.

But this is not a story of journalistic reporting, but rather of journalists creating a narrative. DeSantis is wise to the game. It’s a game that journalists perfected during the Trump years, creating outrage cycle after outrage cycle. Sadly, this is only the beginning.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin revealed this agenda , tweeting that “the larger problem w DeSantis reaction is it shows he still doesn’t grasp the bad will he’s courting by, in this case, lashing out at one of the top reporters for the @AP.” Here Martin is playing the fake “How dare you, sir” card. The challenge for DeSantis is that he knows no matter what kind of action or response he offers, good or bad, many in the media are going to create stories for their mostly progressive base.

Hence why he’s playing hardball.

Also, note the media feedback loop: