DeSantis has called all this historical revisionism precisely what it is: “bizarre.” The governor has proposed several rebuttals to Trump’s reconceptualization of reality, but the most effective is how Trump’s behavior runs counter to his attacks. “Hell, his whole family moved to Florida under my governorship,” DeSantis exclaimed. Of course, so did hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

It’s understandable that Trump would seek to massage his record on the pandemic. With enough table-pounding, maybe voters will forget the degree to which he outsourced the presidency to admittedly manipulative social engineers like Dr. Anthony Fauci, his effusive praise for the Chinese Communist Party, and his chaotic conduct throughout the pandemic.

Trump appears to wish that he had governed differently during the Covid crisis and erred on the side of liberty. If he had, his record would look a lot more like that of Ron DeSantis.

A style of governance Trump explicitly rejected at the time.