NOTHING EVER IS: Progressive ‘Little Mermaid’ Not Woke Enough.

The mega studio turned the saga’s white heroine into a black one, impressively portrayed by actress Halle Bailey. Some of the original film’s lyrics got the boot, presumably because they didn’t align perfectly with modern mores.

And, in a critical sequence not to be spoiled here, Ariel rides to the rescue instead of her male beau.

Those measures match Disney’s current ethos, a brand shift that has had punishing economic consequences. And yet, once again, the reaction is similar to past efforts.

It’s not woke enough.

That cry came from The New York Times’ review of the film. Critic Wesley Morris’ starts his review on a bizarre note, bemoaning the lack of “kink” in a family-friendly tale.

Cry more, groomer.

Much more good stuff from Christian Toto at the link.