21st CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Trump is the last of the Cuomosexuals.

Well, a week into the DeSantis campaign, now we know: Trump thinks DeSantis sucked on Covid, and so did Florida! Instead of sounding a note of ownership of the state’s successes — that such freedom was only possible under a White House that respected gubernatorial power to make such decisions — Trump has decided DeSantis’s local control was very, very bad, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Has he hired whistleblower lunatic Rebekah Jones yet?

The best part of this approach is Trump’s decision to laud the disgraced Andrew Cuomo’s handling of Covid in New York, which led to immeasurable excess deaths. Ever the antithesis of hip, Trump has become the last of the Cuomosexuals, in thrall to the former governor’s every capable-sounding word and his hand sanitizer that was definitely not a convoluted grift.

The exiled Cuomo hailed the praise from the former president: “Donald Trump tells the truth, finally,” he tweeted. Trump’s campaign later sent out an email blast containing “evidence” of the Florida governor’s “Lying Record on Covid.” The mailer criticizes DeSantis for praising vaccines and, gasp, being pictured wearing a mask… both things for which President Trump’s administration advocated.

If DeSantis “shut down the State and even its beaches,” that would be news to this escapee from Bergman’s The Seventh Seal:

But even if DeSantis did lock down, wouldn’t that be following Trump’s orders at the time? In April of 2020, Trump gave an enormous public and private bollocking to Gov. Brian Kemp, for reopening Georgia.

UPDATE: Trump’s Campaign Attacks DeSantis For Supporting Trump’s Nominee in 2017.