ACE OF SPADES: DeSantis Signs Law That Strips Illegal Aliens of Their Drivers Licenses; Leftwing #Resistance Media Shrieks That Minorities Are Terrified of DeSantis.

Oh, and by the way: If you say “other politicians betrayed us.” No, wrong. Not like this. Other politicians offered you lip service with no action backing it up, mere words, mere promises that were immediately detectable as insincere when uttered.

Rudy Giuliani, for example, almost immediately revealed himself as a pawn of the open borders corporate conspiracy when he said he would not build a wall, but instead would create a “virtual wall” of drones and electronic monitoring.

Even the lip service offered by the open borders corporate conspirators has to be extracted from them under duress, because they so hated to even have to offer the Racist Promise of cracking down on illegal immigration.

Name one politician who offered this much actual legislative and executive power action — acts, not words — and then “betrayed” people by then suddenly reversing himself and doing the exact opposite when elevated to a new office.

You can’t. No such examples exist. In all of human history, there are zero examples of this crazy scenario unfolding.

And for good reason — because this is literally an insane thing to do, and people who keep insisting that this is a likely outcome are talking up insane nonsense as a cope.

Screwing over your voting base only makes any sense if there is some larger base with which you can replace the one you’re abandoning. Given all of what DeSantis has done on pronouns, on banning CRT and gender theory in public schools, on ending DEI majors at Florida universities, at busing illegals to blue cities, on cancelling illegal’s drivers licenses — what liberal/moderate base could DeSantis possibly appeal to after he executes his Long Con and “betrays” the right?

What does “betraying” conservatives actually get DeSantis?

DeSantis has burned every bridge with the media and the NeverTrump/neocon contingent. They’re now praising Trump in order to attack DeSantis.

Even Bill Kristol has gotten amnesia about 2016-2020: