MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS: Psychologist Breaks Down How Society Descended Into COVID Insanity.

[Belgian clinical psychologist Mattias Desmet] went on to explain that, having met this first condition, the population is afflicted with what he calls “free-floating” anxiety and aggression, by which he means anxiety that does not have a clearly identifiable source. There is nothing in the environment to attach the anxiety to and therefore no obvious solution to remedy it.

That’s when demagogues with a narrative to push — who, in the context of COVID in the West, also happened to enjoy an iron-clad grip on the corporate media — seize on this anxiety to present those suffering with something, or someone, to blame. Those people then seize on the opportunity to, they hope, soothe their anxiety by neutralizing the enemy — which, in this case, was both the virus itself (which justified lockdowns and vax mandates) and anyone who resisted the lockdowns — their fellow countrymen.

The COVIDians found community — something they longed for but had not found in their meaningless jobs or on Twitter or wherever they had been looking — in banding together to defeat the unvaccinated. In this way, otherwise rational human beings — particularly liberal women, who are statistically the most negatively affected by the modern techno-dystopia — are turned into vicious, rabid animals willing to condone the most inhumane treatment of their enemies, weaponized cynically by the social engineers as they are unleashed on the public.

And the result was this:

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