HUGH HEWITT: Expect An LBJ 1968 Withdrawal From Biden Next Year.

“Gallup came in at 38% approval. So the ABC/Washington Post poll at 36 does not sound like an outlier. You got the money quote. It’s the one I have written down. I have a hell of a lot of wisdom and I know more than the majority of people. That’s not how one runs for the presidency. And I ask myself what does General Secretary Xi, what does Vladimir Putin, what does the Ayatollah Khomeini think about Joe Biden and I think they think he is infirm because that’s what I see and that’s what I hear. And I think the American people coming to the recognition he really can’t do this,” Hewitt said.

“I’m expecting an LBJ ’68 exit sometime next year,” Hewitt said.

“You are?” Baier asked.

“Yes,” he said. “I don’t think can he do it. I don’t think his wife is going to let him do it and his friends certainly should be counseling him not to do it.”

I think Hewitt might be underestimating the callousness of the cabal that installed Biden in the first place, and particularly Jill Biden.