It all started on Thursday, when Carpe Donktum tweeted: “As a 3rd grade teacher, I often talk about Jesus with my students, they are so excited to hear about my faith. They point to the cross on [the] wall and ask me about the resurrection. Some have gotten baptized in the sink, as long as they don’t tell their parents. It’s our secret.” This tweet now has 3.7 million views. It was an obvious send-up of primary school teachers who push transgenderism on their students and keep it all secret from their parents, and just in case anyone didn’t get it, Donktum drove the point home in a series of follow-up tweets.

* * * * * * * *

Many didn’t get the sarcasm and took Carpe Donktum’s claims with the utmost seriousness. One down-the-line Leftist activist with “#WearAMask, #Vaccinate, #MyBodyMyChoice” in her Twitter bio tweeted: “Holy crap! This teacher is baptizing kids in her classroom sink, ‘as long as they don’t tell their parents’!” Another fumed at Carpe: “Shut up you lying turd. Separation of church and state exists because of people like you who brainwash and abuse children. You shouldn’t have your job and you should lose your children if you have any.” Others tagged the ACLU, trying to get Carpe fired from his alleged job, and far-Left Star Trek actor George Takei, trying to make Carpe the focus of a more general cancellation.

I’m not surprised that the religious left can’t see itself in the mirror. As Tom Wolfe wrote in his epochal 1976 article, “The ‘Me’ Decade and the Third Great Awakening:” “It is entirely possible that in the long run historians will regard the entire New Left experience as not so much a political as a religious episode wrapped in semi military gear and guerrilla talk.” (That line was written with early ‘70s radical chic in mind, but reverberates quite nicely today, given Antifa’s current love of paramilitary cosplay.)