THE CORBYNIZATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTINUES APACE: ‘A Voice of Truth:’ Kamala Harris Praises Unrepentant Anti-Semite Al Sharpton.

What happened? Vice President Kamala Harris praised one of America’s most prominent anti-Semites during a speech in New York on Friday.

It was Al Sharpton, wasn’t it? Correct. Al Sharpton, the notorious race hustler best known for instigating the Crown Heights riots—one of the worst outbursts of anti-Semitic violence in American history that inspired slogans such as “Let’s get the Jew!” and “Hitler didn’t finish the job.”

What’d she say? “Rev, I love you [maniacal laughter],” Harris said at the National Action Network convention in Manhattan. “No matter where you are, you are always a voice of truth speaking about the importance of justice for all people. You are part of the conscience of our country.”

Why’d she say it? Sharpton has successfully reinvented himself as a “respectable” “mainstream” race hustler—who hosts his own show on MSNBC—and is one of the most influential figures within the Democratic Party and media establishment.

Nice Axios parody by the Washington Free Beacon, by the way.