QUESTION ASKED: If That Was the Vegas Shooter’s Motive, What Were Local Police/FBI Doing All This Time?

In the aftermath, the Trump administration signed off on a bump-stock ban that went into effect in 2018. It’s been challenged in the courts. We never got a solid motive for Paddock’s rampage, only a lot of conjecture. Every avenue regarding this investigation wound up being a dead end. For years, we knew nothing about Paddock’s motivations for committing mass murder until now, but skepticism abounds as the new theory is that the casinos were mistreating him. After nearly a decade of investigating, Paddock committed the worst mass shooting by a single person in US history because he felt disrespected at the gambling tables. For lack of a better term, this is quite anti-climactic. Authorities still maintain their official position that no motive could be determined to satisfy why Paddock committed this crime. Yet, if this is one step closer to the truth, what were the FBI and local law enforcement doing all this time? This was the big reveal: casino mistreatment[.]

Exit quote: “Will we ever know what pushed Paddock to mayhem? Maybe not. And, of course, this development drops when the nation is reeling over the mass shooting at Covenant School, a private Christian academy, in Nashville, Tennessee, where a transgender killer, Audrey Hale, murdered six people, including three children. Hale left a manifesto behind. When we can peruse that is also unknown.”

I’m sure it’s only the limited resources of the FBI that have stopped them from definitively laying out Paddock’s motives. Maybe when they move into their new digs, they’ll have the manpower to crack the case: Planned New FBI HQ Is Twice the Size of the Pentagon.