ANSWERING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Martin vs Taylor: What’s the difference between these two iconic acoustic brands?

Finding an acoustic guitar that resonates with your soul can feel like discovering your voice as a guitar player – and that instrument is going to be different for every guitarist. Now, the sonic identity of an acoustic guitar comes primarily from the way it’s made, with each and every brand doing things a little differently. Every minute detail, from the manufacturing process to the type of materials used, culminates in the DNA of the instrument – so it pays to know the main differences between the brands.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into two of the most important – and popular – acoustic guitar brands, Martin and Taylor. Both of these historical companies bring their own unique voice to the table – and no matter if you love the bellowing nature of a vintage dreadnought or prefer the nuance of a smaller-bodied flat-top, one of these brands will most definitely have a guitar for you.

So, if you’ve ever wondered; Martin vs Taylor: What’s the difference? Don’t worry, as Guitar World is here to help you uncover which is the right one for you.

I can’t vouch for Martin, though as the article notes, “It would probably be quicker to list all the guitarists who haven’t used a Martin guitar over the years. Everyone from the man in black, Johnny Cash to grunge icon Kurt Cobain, as well as Elvis, Ed Sheeran and David Gilmour have relied on the heartwarming tone of Martin to bring their songs to life.” But my Nashville-tuned Taylor GS Mini is an excellent, affordable little guitar.