BUT YOU HAVE TO WEAR THE RIBBON! San Jose Sharks Goalie James Reimer Declines Wearing Pride Night Jersey; Usual Couches Fainted Upon.

Reimer, who is something of an NHL anomaly in that he is an outspoken Christian, provided a statement as to why he would not wear the Pride Night jersey.

Naturally, the usual subjects typed their furious replies through clutched handkerchiefs.

The You Can Play Project, which works to promote inclusiveness in sports, said the organization was disappointed in Reimer’s actions.

“Religion and respect are not in conflict with each other, and we are certainly disappointed when religion is used as a reason to not support our community,” the organization said. “Wearing pride jerseys, like any celebration jersey worn, is not about the personal feelings of an athlete; rather the communication from the team that a community is welcome in the arena and the sport.”

Whoever updates the San Jose Sharks’ Twitter account also got into the uber-woke action: Last night the San Jose Sharks’ Twitter account really posted a bunch of “LGBTQIA+ information” instead of covering the game. Here are the tweets along with my indispensable commentary.