DON SURBER: Highlights of the Week.

ITEM 17: The Daily Mail reported, “One of the progressive liberal politicians pushing for reparations in cash-strapped San Francisco also wanted to defund the police, and believes some Honduran fentanyl dealers are human trafficking victims who should be protected rather than prosecuted.

“Hillary Ronen is one of the 11 supervisors who will decide on a wide-eyed reparations plan for the city’s black residents that would pay them each $5 million, promise them $97,000 salaries and wipe away personal debt.”

We all identify as black San Franciscans now.

ITEM 18: The Daily Mail also reported, “Hallie Biden received a cut of $3 million in cash from China sent through an associate of Hunter, according to Republicans who released information from subpoenaed bank records.

“Beau Biden’s widow was identified on Thursday as the third member of the first family wrapped up in Rep. James Comer’s investigation into allegations they used their names to profit on business deals around the world.

“In a memo seen by, Hallie received $35,000 in two transfers in March from Biden family associate John ‘Rob’ Walker, after he received a $3 million wire from the Chinese State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC China Energy.”

Correction: We all identify as black San Franciscans named Biden.

Heh, indeed. Read the whole thing.