JULIAN EPSTEIN: Democrats Fear the Truth About Biden’s 2024 Presidential Run.

My fellow Democrats have shown their own kind of cowardice by refusing to say that President Biden shouldn’t run for re-election. Polls show most Democratic voters don’t want Mr. Biden to run again, but Democratic elites apparently believe that any dissent from party leadership or independent thinking—even in the name of an obvious truth—is dangerous to their job security.

To be sure, opposing Mr. Biden’s 2024 run can be tricky. He is a preternatural panderer with nearly every audience, which keeps many activist groups at bay. And increasingly he comes across—even to his supporters—as a foggy retiree. Attacking him can seem ageist, even sadistic.

But unlike his Democratic presidential predecessors, Mr. Biden’s job approval has been consistently in the dumps, and his legislative record is debatable at best. He and his staff promised centrism but instead governed from the far left. Voters of all races—especially working-class voters, for whom Democrats claim to fight—continue to desert the party.

Maybe the real reason Democrats are afraid to speak the truth about Biden is that they don’t have anyone better to replace him.