MEANWHILE, OVER AT VODKAPUNDIT [VIP]: How to Lose the Entire Middle East with this 1 Weird Trick.

Perhaps the least-appreciated part of Donald Trump’s time in office was his two-track strategy for dealing with the Middle East. The first track was domestic, easing the regulatory brakes off of American energy production. The resulting decline in oil prices and our decreased reliance on Middle East imports gave Trump the leverage to activate the second track: Negotiating the Abraham Accords between Israel and a growing roster of Arab countries.

Those two tracks led to the same destination: Boxing in Iran and halting their imperialist ambitions to dominate the region.

More peace plus less reliance equals fewer foreign entanglements. And a stronger, safer, richer America, too.

Folks, that is called Grand Strategy and, at least in the Middle East, Trump and his people — like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and special envoy Jared Kushner — were masters at it.

Flash-forward to January 2021 and Joe Biden’s inauguration when, immediately upon becoming president, he did just one thing wrong: literally everything.

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