GERMANY STILL PARTYING LIKE IT’S 1939: Monument of Fundamental Rights Vandalized by Climate Activists Near German Parliament.

A group of activists known as the “Last Generation” has caused outrage after pouring black paint over an art installation known as “Basic Law 49” in Berlin.

The installation, created by Israeli artist Dani Karavan, consists of 19 panes of glass, each engraved with one of the 19 articles of the Basic Law in their 1949 version.

Flashback: Rupert Darwall on the Alarming Roots of Environmentalism.

If you look at what the Nazis were doing in the 1930s, in their environmental policies, virtually every theme you see in the modern environmental movement, the Nazis were doing. It happens to be historical fact that the Nazis were the first political party in the world to have a wind power program. It also happens to be a fact that they were against meat eating, and they considered…it…terribly wasteful that so much grain went to feed livestock rather than to make bread. It’s also the case that they had the equivalent of fuel economy rules because they had the most expensive gasoline in Europe and so they basically had very few people driving cars…I think actually the most extraordinary thing that I came across was this quote from Adolf Hitler where he told an aide once, “I’m not interested in politics. I’m interested in changing people’s lifestyles.” Well, that could be…That’s extraordinarily contemporary. That is what the modern environmental movement is all about. It’s about changing people’s lifestyles.

Given Karavan’s background, is “Basic Law 49” also starting to become fascinated by what the National Socialists were doing in the ‘40s as well? (And/or what they were doing in 1937.)