Leading Democrats and their supporters in academia, journalism, and entertainment have an exceptionally long track record of peddling stolen-election theories and denying the legitimacy of American elections, as I’ve most recently summarized here and here regarding House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and his contention that the 2016 presidential election was stolen. They’re at it again. Here is Harvard Law professor emeritus Laurence Tribe on Wednesday:

It certainly looks like Putin, with the help of Manifort [sic] and Trump, stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton but, more importantly, from the 65.8 million people who voted against the Thief in Chief, Donald Trump, who, btw, won just 62.9 million votes despite Putin’s efforts.

Is Tribe simply some random Twitter crackpot? A Twitter crackpot, yes, but not a random one. He has 1.3 million followers. He wrote what is still treated as the leading constitutional law treatise (disclosure: I worked as one of his army of research assistants on one edition of it). He is still regularly treated as a serious commentator on MSNBC and in other media outlets.

Here are numerous other leading Democrats denying elections: