QUESTION ASKED: Is technology discreetly, but thoroughly, rendering parents expendable?

About 10 years ago, my younger son stopped me in my tracks with a thoughtful observation.

I wasn’t surprised that he could be thoughtful — he often is — but this time his thought seemed momentous to me: “Parents don’t get to teach their children anymore. When I was little,” he explained, “if I wanted to know almost anything, my first instinct was to go to you or Dad about it: ‘What’s a bowline knot? Why does everything get dusty? What is a shillelagh?’ We would always talk it through. Now, if I’m curious about something I just go to Google. Younger kids don’t even develop the habit of going to their parents for answers. They’ve been googling since they could reach a keyboard.

“Parents have become expendable,” he concluded. “They aren’t even in the equation.”

Well, that’s one of the left’s goals — and it’s Politico, Comcast, Nation magazine, and even Celion Dion(!) approved: