THE WAR ON CHILDREN: Is Your Child Being Forced to Sit Through ‘Silent Lunch’ at School?

The next time someone warns me that homeschooled kids will never learn social skills, I’m going to bring up this story.

A mom I know posted on Facebook last week that her daughter received detention at school for talking during lunch. I kid you not.

The offending 4th-grader was cited for “excessive talking” after a boy asked if she wanted his fruit snack. The girl responded with a simple “no,” which was enough for the lunch supervisor to slap her with her first detention. Another parent responded to the post, saying that when she visited the school to have lunch with her kids, she was shocked to learn that they were forced to put their heads down on the table after they finished eating. Not only that, but at this school, the children are forced to sit in rows facing the front of the room and are not even allowed to choose their lunchmates. This is utter madness — and abusive.

Yes, it is. But there’s a chance that kids who have been schooled this way think it’s “normal,” and haven’t told their parents about silent lunch.