VIDEO: Pentagon Briefing On Chinese Spy Balloon: ‘Does Not Pose A Risk To People On The Ground.’


The balloon “has the ability to maneuver” and has “changed course,” he explained. “Currently it does not pose a physical or military risk to people on the ground.”

“It will probably be over the US for a few days.”

“The balloon continues to move eastward… We’re not going to get into an hour-by-hour location of the balloon. We’re monitoring it closely. As I mentioned, it is over the center of the continental United States, that’s about as specific as I’m going to get,” he said.

“Does the public not have a right to know?” a reporter asked.

“The public certainly has the ability to look up at the sky and see where the balloon is,” he replied.

Another reporter asked: “If the [Chinese spy balloon] is violating our airspace, why not take it down?”

The Pentagon spokesman replied: “We assessed that it does not pose a risk to people on the ground as it is traversing the continental United States.”

What I take away from this is that the balloon is maneuverable, and therefore not off course, but that we shouldn’t shoot it down because it’s no threat to people on the ground.

What the hell kind of sense does any of that make?