YOU’RE GONNA NEED A MUCH BIGGER BLOG: What other terms need to go after ‘LatinX.’

If other states were to follow Arkansas’ lead, a few more examples of loopy lingo ought to be tossed into the bin. For starters, it’s time to purge the newfangled ‘Q’ from LGBTQ. It stands for “queer,” and aside from being a slur that many gays and lesbians find offensive, queer is neither a sexuality nor gender identity but a fashion statement and cry for attention.  While you’ll find plenty of middle of the road LGBTs and Hispanics, you won’t find many who identify as queer, or Latinx — and that’s a good barometer to determine if a word belongs in representative government, or is merely extremist mumbo jumbo.

The same can be said for the term “cisgender,” which translates to “not trans” and is a sort of a mind-control effort thrusted forth by the gender cult. It’s nice to be respectful of people’s differences—and we ought to try—but we don’t need to marginalize 99.5% of the population by inventing a new classification that no one asked for— or rarely uses.

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