January 25, 2023

RETENTION: Rapid loss of talent contributing to DOD cyber shortfalls.

The report notes that advanced adversaries such as Russia and China are devoting significant resources to offensive cyber operations directed at the U.S. — and comparable test capabilities are needed to assess DOD’s ability to withstand those feints.

While the report points to a lack of assessment of cyber tools, it notes there must be top level developmental and operational test capabilities. However, there aren’t enough skilled cyber operators to support such requirements.

The document highlights how the Pentagon is continuing to lose top talent to more lucrative private sector offers. As a result, the department is investing in more automated test capabilities to relieve overtaxed cyber operators and test teams.

Failing to teach American civics (and civic virtue) makes it more difficult to attract volunteers for military service. Having a military more focused on paperwork and wokeness than on the mission makes it more difficult to retain the few who do volunteer.

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