January 23, 2023

QUESTION ASKED: If Ron Klain’s gone, who’s in charge of the Biden administration?

While Klain was in power, the Biden administration was effectively governed by Twitter’s most frequent posters and the tropes pushed by the journalists among them, such as the false accusations that border agents were whipping migrants on horseback. The White House foregrounded gender equity and DEI initiatives thanks to Twitterbrain, even if those things didn’t do much to lower the price of groceries.

Impressively, the Biden administration has  managed to be way more online than the previous one, with Klain acting as a media feedback loop. Klain fed White House talking points to journalists. Journalists repeated White House talking points. Klain retweeted journalists repeating White House talking points. Achievement unlocked!

Other than attempting to please its party operatives with bylines and the leftist Twitter mob, is anybody in charge of this remarkably dysfunctional White House?

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