January 24, 2023

NORMALIZING PEDOPHILIA: Next Step in the War on Kids.

Going by previous patterns, including the move to get people to say “Minor Attracted Person” or “MAP” instead of “pedophile,” (which most of the academic types and some ordinary, otherwise-sane people have started using on Twitter and other social media), it seems likely to me that this one isn’t far from a crucial point. This tipping point is the point where it’ll become widely known enough that, if not exactly “mainstream,” enough people will know what it means that it’ll amount, in practical terms, to the same thing.

The idea that people are seeing spread on social media and sending to me relates, in a parallel fashion, to the notion of “transage,” which, unlike “transrace,” has a real chance at succeeding. Trans-race is a struggling notion because race has such a sacred place in the leftist victim hierarchy, but the notion of age holds no such status. Thus, with no higher caste of victims on whose turf they would be stepping, there is a very real chance that this is going to work.

If it does work, the transformation will happen—as most leftist movements do—slowly, and then quite quickly. Out of nowhere, it’ll seemingly happen all at once.

This essay is my attempt to point it out in advance so that each of us can do what we can to stop it.

The first step is to never, never go along with the Left’s Orwellian language games.

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