January 17, 2023

IT’S COME TO THIS: New Mexico State legislature candidate arrested for allegedly hiring people to shoot at the homes of his rivals.

This is very high on the list of things not to do when your run for office doesn’t turn out well. Solomon Pena is a 39-year-old Republican who ran for office in the New Mexico statehouse. His bid was unsuccessful and police say after he lost he hired several men to fire guns at the homes of local Democrats.

* * * * * * * *

Pena apparently had a rough run for office after his opponent pointed out that he had a record as a crook.

Pena’s candidacy came under scrutiny over the summer when Garcia filed a court challenge to disqualify him because he had been convicted in 2008 of stealing large amounts of goods from several big box retail stores in a reported “smash and grab” scheme.

Pena served nearly seven years in prison.

District Judge Joshua Allison ruled that a state law barring felons from holding office unless they are pardoned by the governor is unconstitutional so Pena remained on the ballot.

So this guy wasn’t turned into a criminal by the campaign. He was a criminal who ran for office and then reacted badly when he lost. Finally, he was also a Trump fan which will ensure this story gains even more attention.

Guys, let’s not take that “gangster government” meme literally, okay?

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