January 16, 2023

IT’S COME TO THIS: HBO’s Scoobie-Doo Reboot ‘Velma’ Is So Bad Some Call It a Planted Conservative Commentary at Wokeism.

As the show was unveiled for the public, revulsion was widespread. On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience rating is below 10 percent and plunging. (The critics, sensing the public backlash, are beginning to follow suit as the show has dipped to 55 percent approval.) Now that the blatant flaws permeating this property have been shown, we’re seeing a new approach. A new interpretation has emerged, and it appears to be the result of seeing how much conservative mockery has arisen in regard to this program.

Forbes has come out with a piece about the show that follows a theory being floated that the show was crafted to be intentionally bad. Paul Tassi writes that one theory is that the content in “Velma” is so broad and groan-inducing that the show is actually a parody of leftist social mores made intentionally cringe-worthy so as to be a commentary on Hollywood – made on behalf of conservatives.

The farcical premise is shown by a Twitter user who states this was made intentionally bad so it would be a viral focus on YouTube, and then that ensuing attention would generate internet heat and traffic and deliver viewers. Making this suggestion all the more laughable, Tassi goes on to get on board with the concept that the show’s creator, Mindy Kaling, might have executed this precise plan.

Yet if that wasn’t the intent of the show, it sure feels like it in practice. On one side, it absolutely is working to spark mockery from the right, exactly as you might imagine it would. But on the other, it’s just not defensible at all by those who would normally welcome a progressive series. 

You have to love this. When a woke show is so horrid that even woke audience members do not like it, as conservatives roundly disparage the show, then it just might in fact be an intentional dig on Hollywood! Of course, you have to ignore many common sense realities, such as Hollywood performers being duped by this premise, and the owners of the intellectual property signing on for an intentional trashing of their product, to say nothing of a studio like HBO going along with a conservative plot to undermine the industry.

No, it’s simply a bunch of uber-woke writers letting it all hang out, with predictably dreadful results:


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