DON SURBER: Just do what Trump did.

“Author Chris Whipple claims in The Fight of His Life, out Jan. 17, that Biden became ‘furious’ as the number of migrant encounters at the US-Mexico frontier spiked almost immediately after he took office in January 2021.”

The story went on to say that Biden asked a staffer, “How would you feel if you were me and these were the solutions you had?”

But the solution has been there all along. All Biden has to do is do everything President Donald John Trump did.

Biden needs to resurrect the Remain in Mexico policy in which those seeking asylum in the USA had to stay in Mexico until an administrative law judge determined whether asylum should be granted.

And Biden needs to talk Mexico into having its National Guard patrol the border.

Finally, Biden needs to complete the 30-foot-tall wall that President Trump began.

Why would Biden be angry over the skyrocketing number of illegal immigrants?

● Jared Bernstein, member of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors: “One thing we learned in the 1990s was that a surefire way to reconnect the fortunes of working people at all skill levels, immigrant and native-born alike, to the growing economy is to let the job market tighten up. A tight job market pressures employers to boost wage offers to get and keep the workers they need. One equally surefire way to sort-circuit this useful dynamic is to turn on the immigrant spigot every time some group’s wages go up.”

● Former Trump administration senior adviser Stephen Miller: Biden’s Immigration Plan Would “Erase America’s Nationhood.”

“Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser. Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a ‘truly multicultural’ country, a former Government adviser has revealed.”

Fortunately though, ABC News knows who to blame: Martha Raddatz Blames Border Crisis On Republicans Warning That Border Is Wide Open.