CHRISTIAN TOTO: Guess What NY Times’ Late Night Year in Review Left Out?

Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” debuted in April 2021, the first right-leaning late night show since the network’s ill-fated “1/2 Hour News Hour” in 2007. “Gutfeld!” quickly established itself as a sly alternative to the other, hard-Left showcases.

This year, Greg Gutfeld’s showcase finished either first or second in the late night ratings race. A cable-based show with no A-list stars or fawning media coverage became the format’s biggest news story since David Letterman hung up his mic.

The New York Times published an exhaustive ode to 2022 late night TV, and guess what the Gray Lady forgot to mention?


It seems impossible, but it’s true.

Best of Late Night 2022: A Rebuilding Year” touches on Trevor Noah’s retirement from the low-rated “Daily Show,” the cancellation of hate comic Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” showcase on TBS and how comedians torched Donald Trump early and often.

Nothing about the show Yahoo! news called the new king of late night.

Let’s face it: the Gray Lady’s readers would dive for the fainting couches if the Times allowed the news of Gutfeld’s meteoric success into print. And they’d never let the writers hear the end of it. Or as America’s Newspaper of Record reported in 2019: